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  Meeting of Panel on Constitutional Affairs 2014/04/23 2:30:00 PM Conference Room 1
  Subcommittee on Integrated Education 2014/04/23 10:45:00 AM Conference Room 2A
  Bills Committee on Marriage (Amendment) Bill 2014 2014/04/23 9:00:00 AM Conference Room 1
  Meeting of Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services 2014/04/22 4:30:00 PM Conference Room 1
  Panel on Development 2014/04/22 2:30:00 PM Conference Room 3
  Meeting of Subcommittee on Pesticides Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 1) Notice 2014 2014/04/22 8:30:00 AM Conference Room 2A
  Media Briefing by the President of the Legislative Council 2014/04/17 5:00:00 PM Press position outside Chamber on 1/f
  Council meeting 2014/04/16 11:00:00 AM Chamber
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Remarks: Simultaneous sign language ("SSL") interpretation service is provided for Council meetings. Members of the public may choose the "Floor" video option in the "Select Language" menu to view SSL interpretation for live meetings as well as archived meetings (if SSL interpretation was available).